Tandem Pessary - Perforated

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Tandem Pessary - Perforated

Tandem Pessary
The tandem pessary is made of two cubes of flexible silicone coupled to each other. Patients with severe
uterine or vaginal vault prolapse may be treated with this pessary. The tandem pessary may be
considered when the vagina cannot retain a single cube pessary. The vacuum effect of the concave surface
achieves a good adhesion. In addition, the tandem pessary can be useful in case of stress incontinence
when the lower cube takes on the supporting function and the upper cube permits the adhesion.

Cube pessary with thread and button (WPK)
Cube pessary perforated with thread and button (WPLK)
Tandem pessary with thread and button (TP)
Tandem pessary perforated with thread (TPL)

6 Sizes according to the following length of edges:
- Size 0 = 25 mm
- Size 1 = 29 mm
- Size 2 = 32 mm
- Size 3 = 37 mm
- Size 4 = 41 mm
- Size 5 = 45 mm


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    Posted by Georgette on 23rd Aug 2012

    Laparoscopic vaginal hycserettomy?So I'm young but I have the okay from the doctor because of fairly bad medical issues.I don't want kids in the future, I think having kids is the most selfish thing you could ever do when adoption is an option [Not to offend anyone]. I'm not going to have my ovaries removed because I'm honestly horrified of having to be on hormone treatment the rest of my life when I don't have to.Anyone who has had a Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy in the past? What are the side effects? would having just a Laparoscopic hycserettomy be better? I don't want or need anyone to be telling me that a hycserettomy is not the right thing to do. I don't want it just cause, I NEED it.

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    fast delivery

    Posted by lizzy868uk on 10th Apr 2011

    this pessary is hard to get online. mypessary delivered quick, would use again. vey gd service.