Urinary Incontinence Pessary

A Urinary Incontinence Pessary can Provide Women with a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Urinary incontinence is an inconvenient, sometimes embarrassing problem that many women face. You worry about leaking when you cough or sneeze and you often have to wear protective pads or underwear when you exercise or do any physical activities. Many women have to wear pads or protective underwear every day and night. If you are a woman with urinary incontinence and hate wearing protective pads or underwear, you will be glad to know there are other choices that are more convenient.

What are Urinary Incontinence Pessaries?

A great choice for many women suffering from urinary incontinence is a urinary incontinence pessary. A urinary incontinence pessary can be prescribed by your doctor. It is a stiff ring that is inserted into the vagina and worn all day. The pessary holds up the bladder and stops leakage of urine; this device is especially beneficial to those with a dropped bladder or uterus. Urinary incontinence pessaries are very useful for women with stress incontinence.

The pessary is generally fitted at the doctor's office and used for approximately a year before being replaced. For those using the pessary, it is removed for regular cleaning and is very easy to remove and reinsert. Urinary incontinence pessaries are very affordable; the cost is usually less than $60.00 plus the doctor's office visit fee.

Why Use a Pessary?

The pessary is an alternative to bladder surgery and provides vaginal support that is needed to correct urinary incontinence, especially in physically active women. The pessary is fitted by your doctor and is comfortable. The pessary can provide women with urinary incontinence issues a happier and healthier lifestyle.