Pessaries for Vaginal Prolapse

Several types of pessaries are available to support vaginal prolapse. Chief among them are the ring pessary and the thick ring pessary. Rings are useful, not only to support the vaginal wall, but also to prevent urinary incontinence which is a common consequence of vaginal prolapse. The ring pessary may prevent milder forms of incontinence.

What Pessaries for Vaginal Prolapse?

Thick ring pessaries give more support to the entire vaginal wall and prevent local necrosis. They are often prescribed for elderly patients with or without incontinence.

Since a prolapsed vagina may be accompanied by sores that mimic vaginal cancer, it is important to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment suggestions. If your physician prescribes a pessary, ask whether a ring or a think ring device is right for you.

Rings come in different sizes. The ring should be the smallest size that supports the vaginal wall, but if the vaginal opening is too small, the ring may slip out. Ask your doctor what size you should order if he recommends a pessary.