Pessaries for Prolapse

Women may experience a prolapsed uterus due to the weakening of vaginal muscles. Women that have had children are more likely to experience a prolapse.

There are varying degrees of prolapse and thus varies treatments. The weakened vaginal muscles can be treated with pessaries. Pessaries for prolapse are available in a variety of materials and shapes. Your health care provider will assist you in finding a comfortable fit. Pessaries help strengthen the vaginal muscles and can even start to reverse the effects of the prolapse. Pessaries for prolapse are available in rubber, plastic or silicon based materials.

What Pessaries are used for Prolapse?

Different types of pessaries are used to treat different types of prolapses. For example, the Gelhorm pessary or the inflatable pessary is used to treat a prolapse of the uterus, bladder, rectum or small bowel. Whereas, a doughnut pessary is designed to specifically treat a uterine prolapse. The alternative to pessaries is surgery.